Welcome to my website!

My paintings are surely the most truthful judge of where I am in my process and development as an artist. They will also tell you what kind of motifs that evokes my attention. Jackson Pollock said that "every good painter paints what he is". So this is what I am! At least for right now!
During the last part of 2008 and so far in 2009, I have concentrated mostly on painting people in different situations. All of those paintings have so far been in executed in transparent watercolor.

Deni and I were married in 1998. That is also when I moved to Modesto in California from Stockholm, Sweden. I took up painting in a more serious manner at about the same time, taking art classes at our junior college from professors Petersen, Reilley and Serros. Later I have attended workshops with some internationally known artists, but I would say that to a rather high degree, I am an autodidact, where trial and error has been my guide and teacher.

Lately I have also become seriously involved in developing an easel system that you can take a look at on these pages. It works equally well for all mediums and it is very useful for plein air painting. If you are interested, I suggest you take a look under the headline RAPP ART SYSTEM and you will find a VIDEO that describe it in more detail. I have patent pending for these devices and plan to start selling them soon here and on eBay.

I would be glad to receive your feedback after your visit to my website. Thanks!

DSCN0127Photo by Linda MacDannald